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Published On: January 14, 2019 10:47 AM NPT By: Saugat Singh Saud

Being a congenial teacher

Being a congenial teacher

It wasn’t an easy decision to opt for being a teacher. In 2015, I thought about it for hundred times before denying the offer to work as an associate of a Front Office Department. They offered me a good salary and the hotel ranks in one of the best hotels in the world. As for me, being a teacher was worth more than a dream and passion. Everyday walking through the gate of every school I have gone through in these several years, I have felt confidentin answering a common question I hear from people “Why Teaching?” My simple answer is “I feel like I was born for it and it keeps me moving ahead alive.”

As a boy I was weak in Mathematics and Accounts. I didn’t have any courage filing up a correct decision however I got enrolled in Management faculty. This has led to my now-acknowledged-trivial degree in Hospitality Management; taking teaching at school as a profession and shaping minds is a messed up story. I am often still confused about ‘what next?’ As each year growing up brings up new responsibility piling up to the previous and when it comes to earning to support livelihood, I bet it’s hard sometimes and work its gigantic; more than a tea-gossip you hear sometimes making teaching as easy as filling a glass of water for which actually teaching is not an easy profession. None of them is.

I remember the days of my childhood when my father would take me and my sister to roam around pretty distance on his TVS scooter on Saturdays. At that time, I talked about my dream on opening a school and I teach there to my sister. I was shy and afraid of what kind of teacher would I be as my current mark-sheet showed a good amount of dark stars ambushed nearby marks like 24 out of 100 and sometimes even 03 out of 100. And that really was important to get in through in-line as I was constantly being poked by the fury of failure and for me, the greatest task to accomplish each end of the year was to never repeat a class as I did in my fourth grade. That rage became constant till I finished my high-school. Fortunately, I was never dragged back in any of the board finals.

The first time I spoke in mass is I remember on Poem Reciting Competition when I was in 9th Grade. I was reciting a poem and I couldn’t actually complete more than a first verse. I totally freaked out when I became conscious about 100’s of students and teachers staring at me and I couldn’t go further. It was the same for me when I reached in a hall of 27 students, I was prepared but I was afraid. But, then I did know that I have to develop myself and honestly searching in Google about taking an effective class wasn’t a big help as real-time experience would be totally different except some common problems like Handling Disruptive Students.  Volunteering a school for nearly a year gave me a stand to enter the world where I learned to accept my vulnerabilities. It was hard to stop dwelling about what I was, a person that had zero interest in sports, a person who failed constantly in his exam, a person who has remained isolated behind his own thoughts because he accepted he was weak every-way, I had always believed that I am weak and those were things I could never sort out. To move forward with that was never possible that left me any choice other than to accept my vulnerabilities. I decided the past should never judge me and I would never lie about failures I had gone through in my school life just to make everything seem perfect. That’s become my strength to get my students motivated. Getting a little personal touch before beginning my class let me be strong, confident and to move forward and the greatest achievement was when I could see my kids enjoying things we were doing inside the class. The power of sharing has always helped me a lot to develop a mystical connection that is essential for learning and when you are teaching kids at school learning becomes a two-way process. So, accepting vulnerabilities rather than drowning in fear of being captured by its imperfection does let us all move forward to what we want to achieve.

There are plenty of times when I am judgedas judging has always been a part of society. It’s a real-time malware that has no anti-malware software to control other than our determination. First I was judged to move on the insecure profession like Teaching by my family as it’s obvious that every family wants the best for their children for whom I talked to my family about and they happily agreed my decision that kept me motivated. Then comes my friends who found me insane because I refused a job in Macao and I would always deny going abroad and earn, keeping satisfaction above finance. They have always suggested me Life doesn’t run that way for which I’m still working on. Third, when I walk on the street and some known ones ask what I am doing and I reply I’m teaching, they just make me aware that stranding upon the teaching profession leads nowhere to success. But my fleet to edify doesn’t stop here as I have more to discover, more to influence and more to discover an opportunity to take a stand building civilized humans for future. I am proud to be a teacher and I am on my verge of being a congenial one.

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