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Published On: June 20, 2017 09:47 AM NPT By: Ashma Aryal



Korean pop, known as K-Pop, is a musical genre originating from South Korea, taking traditional pop music and adding a Korean twist. K-Pop music ties together a wide-variety of sounds and peculiar melodies. Yet, the genres main attraction may rest in its music—which are tightly-choreographed, star-studded, and narrative-based. It is through this melding of audio and visual elements that K-Pop has generated mass-appeal, particularly amongst teenagers and young-adults.

Fans argue K-Pop transcends music. Stars will train for years, honing their craft, a fact well-evidenced through their music; some of which the artists even produce themselves. Furthermore, K-Pop stars often make an effort to connect with fans, be it through appearing on shows, participating in music banks, and even meeting with fans. 

Super Junior, EXO, BTS, NCT, TWICE, Black Pink are some of the many K-Pop groups that have garnered inter-national fame. Even rookie groups which have debuted just a year ago are already well-known, sweeping to the top of the charts not just South Korea but worldwide. Despite this popularity and the genres influence upon youth culture, many still wonder: What is K-Pop? Why do you like it despite not being able to understand the lyrics? What is so special about it?

Tejaswi Bhusal (15), a fan, explained, “K-Pop is very unique and different. The tune and lyrics of Kpop is very addictive and are catchy as well. Moreover the music videos are very well thought out and well produced. Those music videos never fail to make my day.”

Telina Rai (18), another fan, added, “K-Pop idols and artists don’t just produce albums but they also do a lot of variety shows, taking corners, fan signs, street events which make it easier for the fans to connect with them and become a stronger fan base.”

There are some, certainly, who remained uninterested in K-Pop. Niket Shrestha (19), for instance, when asked his opinion of the genre responded “I don’t understand the lyrics since it’s in Korean, so I don’t even listen to it.”

A fan of K-Pop or not,  with its captivating melodies, catchy lyrics, and well-made music videos, K-Pops spread seems likely to slow. Perhaps only the language-barrier may prevent it from reaching even wider-audiences but, Korean-speaking or not, many young fans do not seem deterred.

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