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Published On: June 15, 2017 11:09 AM NPT By: Ashma Aryal

The bewitching sites of Kakani

The bewitching sites of Kakani

KATHMANDU: Situated away from the bustling city of Kathmandu in the Nuwakot District, Kakani is a settlement of nature lovers. This hill-station provides a peaceful and quiet place to relax and explore.

Aside from all the different kinds of activities the place has to offer, the 24-km ride starts from the winding uphill road of Balaju. The road to Kakani definitelyfeels like the start of an upcoming adventure. Also, the view along the road is an added bonus!

From a series of high points along the ridge, the magnificent view of the mountain range stretching from Annapurna to Mount Everest can be seen. Along with beautiful mountains and forests, the local strawberry farm and rainbow trout farm is also a view to look forward to, and has been able to attract both foreigners and locals. Since rainbow trout is quite famous here, the variety of trout dishes is a must-try . For that, you can visit Super Hill Rainbow Trout farming and restaurant where you can know more about trout farming, catch the fish yourself if you like, and enjoy a variety of delicious trout dishes outdoors with a mesmerizing view of the Ganesh Himal range. This could be the perfect treat after a long ride.

Surrounded by forests and greenery, Kakani is a green paradise and a perfect place to camp. The camping experience here is one of the few things one must have on their to-do list. Camping and some bonfire is a great way to relax with your friends or family, this makes the stay here exciting.

The Shivapuri National Park, near the camping site, is also wildly popular amongst tourist and visitors. The famous hiking route of 15 km or 22 km to and fro from the central military-base is a chance to explore the wilderness. The route can be tiresome and the leeches along the route can be a pain, but this trek overall is refreshing.

In addition to the trekking and hiking course, the national park is famous for faunas like wild boar, barking deer, clouded leopard, small Asian mongoose, horned frog, olive oriental slender snake and so on. These animals are often encountered at the western side of the Park.

From appetizing trout fishes to a memorable camping and hiking experience, and a chance to explore wilderness, Kakani is a wonderful getaway.

Tips for Hiking/Trekking

1. Since there’s a lot of vegetation at Kakani, a lot of leeches can be found while hiking or trekking in any season. So, it’s advisable to carry salt to remove leeches.

2. The hiking or trekking route can be long and tiring, so a waterbottle is needed to stay hydrated.

3. It’s always wise to take raincoat or umbrella while hiking or trekking as these routes are surrounded with forests.

4. Hiking or trekking routes are definitely not plain; a lot of steep and slippery routes can be encountered along the way. So, hiking boots is a better option instead of other types of footwear.

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