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Published On: September 6, 2021 06:01 PM NPT By: Saroj Kumari Chaudhary

The broken love

The broken love

Love is an emotion which plays a vital role in our life. It is needed by living beings for a meaningful life. It can be expressed in various forms. We experience our first love from our parents and our near ones. Then, as we are old enough to go to schools, we get love from our friends and sometimes choose friends for life and make them part of life.

Gradually, we become old enough when we choose someone as our beloved. We give them a special space in our life. Being in this love, help both of them evolve which can become the best gift in their life.  However, there are evidences that all true love doesn’t end well. Sometime destiny plays a great role in their separation which results in major overturn in their life.

Recently, the demise of Siddhartha Sukla, a famous Bollywood actor, television star and the winner of Big Boss 13 is one such example. He was just 40 years old and lost his life due to cardiac arrest. This news shocked everyone —his mother, girlfriend, family, fans, and relatives.

Siddhartha’s love interest Shehnaz Gill, who was also one of the participants in Big Boss 13, is known for her peculiar way of dealing with others. And this couple got into limelight during the show who were in the open relationship.

Meanwhile, Shehnaz is in trauma due to loss of Siddhartha who will appear no more physically except in the pictures and the memory. Her health condition is also getting worse and she herself admitted it. When she went to attend the final rites of her boyfriend, she was circled in the media crowd, where she was unable to say anything. But her tears were unstoppable at that moment.

Everyone who knows her are worried, if she will be able to return to her normal life or not. Likewise, a year back we can remember the death case of Sushant Singh Rajput. He committed suicide in his own apartment.

In life one faces many problems, loss and sadness. These are the parts of our life and we have to move on according to the time. Life and death both are uncertain. We never know what situation we may have to face.

Sometimes we feel hopeless, and feel like it’s the end of everything. But we need to trust in time, it is something very powerful that can heal us. The broken love hurts a lot and it leaves one in pain which can never be forgotten or wash it off. But we have to be strong for the one who is no more. But it is also important to live for the lost ones. This is how life goes on. Sometimes in life, something we get is not needed and something we want is not fulfilled.

Life can be heaven or hell which depends on our own attitude toward life. The true meaning of living is giving our best in what we do and live our life to the fullest.



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