Published On: November 3, 2019 06:23 PM NPT By: Giriraj Baskota

Suke Pokhari still waiting for attention

Suke Pokhari still waiting for attention

Since the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign is on the boost and the limelight, various places are advertised to welcome as many tourists as possible. However, as per the links, the representatives haven’t even tried to develop and promote Suke Pokhari.

Situated at the heart of Panch Pokhari, Suke Pokhari is famous for its geographical structure. Because of the political importance, natural beauty, green hills and Lekali habitat, the place is noted as important among the visitors. One can get mesmerizing views and the environment that changes according to the season, making the place even more beautiful and diverse.

“We have tried our best to develop this place, so that many tourists can come here for refreshments. And it can be one of the destinations during visit Nepal 2020, however there needs to have some facilities and services for the tourists,” said Oona Hang Nemwang, Mayor of Phidim Municipality. “From the budget, it’s very important to forward the development work. The world needs to know this place.”

Suke Pokhari has a chance to be an astounding destination, says the tourist. Not only carrying the splendor in the history, scenery and habitats, this place is equally famous for the local cafes around the area. One can taste Lekali potatoes, local chicken meat, tongba, Loth Salla tea and more.

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