Published On: May 23, 2018 11:30 AM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Social apps youngsters’ platform for creativity and bonding

Social apps youngsters’ platform for creativity and bonding

KATHMANDU, May 23: It is not surprising to see a teenager or anyone in their early twenties to hover around their cell phones and using various social media applications. Doing so, they are not only having fun but are also adherently growing their network with other fellow social media users. 

Bikash Kandel, a student of BBA 4th semester at Balkumari College, Chitwan, was at Freak Street in Kathmandu on Tuesday for a meet up group, made through The group has 37 members in it, and is named Neprisingstar. They became active in from last few months. is an app that lets its user share 15-second videos lip-syncing to popular songs or dialogues where the users can also post videos, follow others and comment on their posts like on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Being an enthusiastic user, Kandel explained the reason behind using the particular app: “It is a platform for people like us who have talent but don’t know where to execute them. Here you get instant feedback as well. Meanwhile, through meetings like this, I am having a chance to travel away from my hometown. And travelling and meeting new people helps you to gain new perspectives on life.” 

It is obvious that with increasing number of social media users, youths are more into mobile videography and apps related to video, which is influencing their lifestyle. And is one such app where users also known as ‘Musers’ can follow their friends as well as celebrities and strangers. And group Neprisingstar gathers once or twice in a month and their gathering becomes the time to know each other, have fun and get tips on getting their followed.

Another member of the group, Ujjwal Rai from Bhaktapur, who recently completed his 12th grade, shared: “Creating videos in Youtube and make me feel confident about myself and I gained friends who are supportive and cooperative through the same. And I am earning some money through the social media, which has encouraged me to have a career into filmmaking.”

Likewise, Darshan Thapa, a bachelor-level student of travel and tourism management, aims at being in the film industry as a comedian. He got to be face to face with his acting talent using 

Apps like have created possibilities for youths to come out from their comfort zones and do something fun and happening without bothering to go away from their homes. Divya Tamang, student of business studies, got a chance to show her dance skills through a social media app without going against her parents’ will. She expressed: “My parents were not very keen on my dancing but when I uploaded my dance and got views they have also appreciated my dancing skills and it has given me freedom in my life.”

Rejina Chaulagain, who recently appeared her Secondary Education Examinations (SEE), added: “These apps have helped us to explore talents around the world. And if you want yourself to be seen around the world it helps you to do so. I hope that I will also be popular using social media.” She said she has learned different lifestyles and cultures of the world through the use of social media and apps. 

For Manisha Rana, who is currently studying for bachelor’s degree in business administration, use of social media and apps has been a useful tool to come out of her shyness. She said: “I used to be shy before using social media and apps. Now I am confident and have more friends, and it has enhanced my social life. In addition, I have become more creative.”

Nepal has witnessed many upcoming stars, who are actively putting up cover songs in the Youtube, a video sharing website. Artists Swopna Suman, Trishala Gurung, Suzeena Shrestha, Almoda, Jyovan Bhuju, Deeksha J Thapa are some names who have got fame through the social media. 

Understandably, networking through various social media applications has given the youth not only a forum to connect, but also an opportunity to express and nurture their talents.

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