Published On: August 3, 2022 01:00 PM NPT By: Manawi Shah

Simple ways to give back to the environment

Simple ways to give back to the environment

There are simple ways that you can do every day in order to help our environment. All these things are easy to accomplish on a day to day basis, and perhaps you can encourage your friends and family to do the same. The smallest of these changes create the biggest of effects on the environment. Good luck. 

Use reusable grocery bag

A single use of a plastic bag is a huge issue. The government has already stopped the use of plastic bags in grocery stores, but in small shops on the streets even if it is buying vegetables it is not the case. So, getting yourself a grocery bag for only that purpose instead of wasting many bags is durable, and good for our environment,

Reduce food waste

Being more mindful of how many people are being fed, the portion you eat yourself and making sure all of it ends up in your stomach is important. If there is food that is not in need, perhaps they can be stored in the fridge or taken to people who are in need of food. 

Turn off electronics when you aren’t using it

Turning off electronics, such as the lights, our laptop helps us suave energy as well as your money. 

Stop littering 

As basic as this sounds, it is something that many individuals continue to do even if it is prohibited. People go to fields, and litter can be seen. Or throwing plastic waste in the rivers. 

Use paper wisely   

Paper comes from trees. There is already a shortage of trees due to deforestation, so using paper wisely is important. We just have to make sure to use scrap paper, make sure they don’t go to waste and are used effectively. 

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