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Published On: August 4, 2022 03:30 PM NPT By: Manawi Shah

Creative and easy things that you can make at home

Creative and easy things that you can make at home

Three are lots of things that you can make for yourself at home instead of buying it in the store. Try to make these simple things for yourself in your free time! 


Scrunchies are a soft, non harmful way of tying your hair because it prevents breakage. And, they are really easily made. It consists of sewing, but if you find that difficult, twitch it up and use fabric glue instead and make the scrunchie colour, or patterns that you like! 

Book mark

Book marks, if you read books or need stamps for the textbook you're going through, are very useful. You can make marks with paper clips, but make a small decoration on it, like an animal with paper or tying a ribbon. Customise it your own way, and make lots!


Perhaps baking is something that you can try? Make some brownies, because they are fairly simple to make. Eating them is ofcourse the best part of it all. You can also make brownies in multiple different ways, so masteer the recipe you love and share with your loved ones. 

Lip scrub

​You can try making your own lip scrub. There are many tutorials on the internet which can help you to start. There are many different types, but find the one that suits you most. 

Reuse old jars

There may be lots of old glass jars lying around your house after grocery shopping or the old glass after the candle has been used. Perhaps make something out of it, a decoration. There are many suggestions on pinterest, youtube on what you can do!. 


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