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Published On: December 13, 2018 01:25 PM NPT By: Sailesh Chaudhary

Say no to plastic

Say no to plastic

KATHMANDU, Dec 13: I think it is quite recommendable that a lot of organizations are taking extra step to ban the use of plastic bags from their workplace. It is high time we took an initiative to save the Earth.  Day to day, we come across a lot of articles and posts regarding the environmental damage caused by excessive use of plastic bags. The bad thing about people is that they dump garbage in the river, pond, and lake or in ocean. This not only pollutes the city but also kills millions of aquatic lives.

The plastic bag doesn’t decompose easily. It takes 500 to 600 years for plastic to get decompose. Recently, a video went viral over the internet. The video showed a whale which died because of swallowing tons of rotten plastic bags disposed in the ocean. I think this is alarming for us since we are responsible for all this mess. If we live here, then it becomes our responsibility to save the Earth and to give a better world to the coming generations. We should use paper bags or reusable bags instead of using plastic bags. We are not bothered about the consequences. We keep doing things that we find easy which later become big problem for us. It is found in the studies that when the edible items are heated in plastic bags it releases toxic chemicals which causes cancer in humans. 

There are a lot of beaches in the world which look dirty because of piles of garbage of plastic bags. There are several other problems that plastic bags cause in our lives. So let’s stop using something that is harmful for us. 

We should use bio degradable plastic bags if we truly want to overcome this problem. So far, we humans have produced plastic enough to circle the Earth four times. Our petroleum product is very limited in the world than why to waste to make something that is harmful for us. There are many who don’t know that lot of petroleum is required to produce plastic. America alone is responsible for the ten percent of total plastic garbage in the world. 

Let’s talk about own country and the problem it is facing because of plastic bags. A few months back, all of us listened to the news where the government of Nepal declared to make Kathmandu and other cities plastic-free. But it is yet to be implemented. Today, wherever we go we can easily find plastic bags scattered; be it a road or parks. The problem with plastic bag is we can’t burn and destroy it because it releases harmful toxic in the air which is very much harmful to our health. Let’s say no to plastic bags.


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