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Published On: November 4, 2018 09:00 AM NPT By: Sailesh Chaudhary

Justice delayed is justice denied

Justice delayed is justice denied

Not only in Nepal, rape is a worldwide problem. Despite lots of protests and strict laws, it is a recurring phenomenon today. Day to day we come across a number of news where many innocent girls are being raped and killed brutally. Primarily, the problem lies in our mindsets. Such heinous acts will not stop unless we don’t change our mindset and the way we look at females in society.

It’s high time   we   did something to stop this. We should be taught to respect females, right from the childhood. Respecting females should be practiced between the family members and also at school. Women are the ones who kept us in their womb for nine months. It was their decision to bring us to this world. 

Some people still do not agree on females being as good as males in various fronts of life. There are also some who blame girls for wearing revealing clothes that excite boys hence promoting rapes. Girls are   free to wear whatever they want. They are free to choose their life style the way they like. It’s actually our fault how we look at them. Girls, despite their backgrounds, should all have choices. Their freedom should be respected.. The problem here is that the rape victims don’t get justice on time. This further empowers the evil thought process of the rapists. Today, majority of the society agree on death sentence being the right punishment if we truly want to stop and want to overcome this problem.

Have we ever thought what a girl has to go through after something bad like rape takes place with her? This ruins her life in every front. She loses respect from the society. No one agrees to marry her. She is taken as a burden. These are clearly not right. Unfortunately, this is how our society is formed.

We have heard time and again that parents in villages send their male child to school and keep their daughters back home. They think after being grown ups, girls will get married and settle at their husband’s home they will be taken care of at their husband’s. So, there is no necessity in educating them also giving them privileges. . In Nepal, parents themselves discriminate boys and girls resulting in a growing inferiority complex within the female children.

In our society parents teach daughters what to wear and what not to wear.  They restrict them from going anywhere at night.  They tell their daughters not to keep any relation with boys. These are all wrong. Whether it is a girl or a boy, they are both equal and they should be treated alike. We should teach boys how to behave with girls. We should teach them to change their perception towards the opposite sex. Young boys of the society should be taught to change their mindset regarding girls.

Sex education could be a remedy to this problem. Educating students from a young age can encourage them not to hold themselves back. We live in a very repressed society talking about sex openly is considered taboo. If we are well educated on the epic at an early age, we would be less curious and surprised at the changes our body goes through along with the changing age.

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