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Published On: December 6, 2018 09:45 AM NPT By: Rabin Sharma

Over The Roads

Over The Roads

Driving over the narrow streets of Kathmandu is not a piece of cake and encountering bunch of problems on the way isn’t an uncommon thing either. A town-centre bottleneck having a nine-mile traffic jam requires a significant amount of patience to keep the composure stable. Beyond that, 2 out of 10 lose their placidness and try overhauling the vehicles which ultimately makes traffic police crack up their sincere mentoring. Loud horns and blares of traffic make the road more distressing. Some are using emergency lights to fake their priorities, and others are trying steering their cars off the lane which creates gridlock and more chaos. People on bikes have options to skip them off, but the four wheelers keep waiting for their chance to skip the congestion.

Peak Hour has its importance. Everyone is in a hurry but unwittingly has an ample amount of time to wonder where these people come from. They wonder how poorly Kathmandu has changed differentiating to the early 2000s. They wonder why do millions of people gather together in Kathmandu, don’t they have their place? Then realize the harsh veracity of decentralization. Entrepreneurs have nothing to do so they develop some startup plans while on rest. Reporters gain ideas about their content and people in business boosts their level of marketing strategies. Directors build up an imaginative story out of the endurance faced.

Traffic problems are included but not limited to. You need to feel pity for your car every time you hit the pothole. Luxurious cars with low ground clearance needs to think twice before moving forward into an unbridled lane filled with cavities. 

Out of nowhere, Traffic securities command you to park the vehicle by the roadside; you have no idea on why are you being stopped. The road is made unclogged and vehicles free. Someone’s comments from the back, “VIP Sawari”. Everyone turns their head to that gleaming black car burnished in an amazing texture that looks crystal clear and can reflect even the colors. Distinguished Security SUVs speed back and forth with the white thunderbirds surrounding them. 

Gestures are everything that matters on the road. Most of the times, lack of knowledge on proper signaling takes down to an unfortunate accident. The major problem has been an improper use of high beams during the evening hours. That’s similar to driving with eyes closed. Benighted and ill-mannered drivers intentionally ignores the driver coming from the opposite direction which bears a very high chance of collision. Heavy trucks and tippers skip to cast their way to the crossing cars from the lateral side because they don’t want to shift their gears down. 

Passing light has been a blessing in disguise for the stubborn drivers who don’t want others to go first. Pedestrians are seen asking permission to cross the zebra crossing, but woefully drivers pull over their moving lights, blow horn and signal, “Let me go first”. Expecting good road rules has been a dream which can never be fulfilled. Traffic Police can’t accommodate in every single lanes and subways. Everyone needs to be cautioned, follow traffic rules and mentor others too. 

Nevertheless, Kudos to the Traffic Securities who have left no stone unturned to keep their work straight and helped the public to adjust themselves in this bizarre unmanaged urbanization.


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