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Published On: November 17, 2018 09:58 AM NPT By: Rabin Sharma

Back To College

Back To College

Going to the college after a long vacation of Dashain-Tihar is somehow wacky. You see how exclusively your friends’ appearances have changed. Some get back flabby and stunned; some show up drastically tanned. You can’t see half of your pals on the first day cause they’re still busy celebrating and a bunch of guys skip the first two days.

The desks and benches wait for your arrival to clean them up; enveloped with dust and smut all over the edges of the seats. Reckoning these things after a long vacation is included but not limited to. You don’t skip noticing the teachers how well they have developed their moustaches and beard.

Guys from Terai have Thekuwa and Khajuri as their lunch but never buckle off their tiffin boxes. We know, they know, but nobody even mentions. This is the thing under wraps within guys because girls are seen sharing every single thing, even the oranges. 

The discipline in charge and their staffs start noticing your hair that you kept cultivated and high-hat for months. There’s no way other than trimming it, else they are all authorized to call upon a barber and have them chopped off. But boys never fail to draw up a master plan; wearing a winter cap to get saved. However, the plot twists when the college staffs create a bigger picture than that; winter caps and mufflers are banned except for those provided by the college.

Winter has just sowed the seeds of fresh air. The wind spurts throughout the lungs and frosts your hands. Blazers rightly fit your body, but you can’t get the right size, so you have to satisfy on whatever expanded sack you get.

Security guards get more cautioned and warned since all of the students are mostly dressed in either sweaters or blazers.  Then, there are high chances of students bringing chocolates and mobiles to college. It almost felt like a terrorist threat within the compound whenever the guard and DIs kept an eye every time. Sub-Discipline In charges were seen consulting over walkie-talkie as if we carried a grenade and AK 

Only lucky colleges get Physics and Chemistry lab with balconies, and the most fortunate are the ones having friendly lab assistants with whom sharing things in the mild and warm sun is the best part. You wait to have a glance of your crush and admire how beautifully she’s changed up in these mere months.

You don’t want the teachers to check your vacation work, but there is always one guy who reminds about it. And there is still one teacher who sympathetically extends a day more post the deadline to let you complete the work. You get your friend’s note, research online, stay awake and complete at last

Leaving for home after 5 PM doesn’t get any better when you share the way with your crazy pals because there’s no reservations to act insane. Street vendors on the road and the cold weather demand your taste buds to try them. Now, the friend who generally is broke, himself breaks the silence and unexpectedly gives a treat.

Getting home and sleeping inside the quilt is all that  you imagine on the way. Ruling over the rules were the thing that some of the students never skipped, and those are having the best memories right now.


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