Published On: October 6, 2020 05:22 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Ustad Sudarshan Rajopadhaya's love for Sarod

Ustad Sudarshan Rajopadhaya's love for Sarod

Ustad Sudarshan Rajopadhaya also known as Ustad Yesraj has been playing the instrument Sarod for the past 30 years. He is not only accustomed to playing Sarod but he is also a singer, composer and writer. Playing sarod for Rajopadhaya is a form of meditation, where he has sung and composed more than 100 songs in Nepali and Nepal Bhasa. He is soon going to release his books of poems in Nepal Bhasa and Nepali language—collection of 45 poems, 'Nhughaa Khaa' and collection of 85 poems, 'Jibanka Pannaharu'—respectively. 

In conversation with MyCity, Ustad Rajopadhaya shares his journey as an artist:

1. What inspired you to be a musician and take the musical instrument Sarod?

When I heard and saw Sarod for the first time, I was inspired by its sound. I fell in love with the sound and I chose it.

2.What is music for you?

For me music is a universal language and there are no words to express.

3.What action defines who you are today?

I am just a simple man and definitely I am known as a good musician and good singer. Today it reflects me to go ahead.

4.Who inspired you to be a musician?

I am inspired by my father, who was the only Esaraj player in Nepal. He worked for 30 years as a permanent musician in Radio Nepal.

5.What are the difficulties for a musician in the time of pandemic?

As a musician it is a very difficult time. Due to this pandemic, I had to cancel two concerts in India. However, I am doing facebook live for music lovers.

6. What is the condition of Nepali music field, while comparing it to the world scenario?

Nepali musical scenario is still not in good condition. Due to the lack of concern and policies for musicians in Nepal, it is still hard for a musician to solely survive being one.

7. What are the challenges you faced being a musical professional? 

Not having the market for classical music is the most challenging part, where classical music has limited audience. Then, the Nepal government has not understood the importance of classical music. There was a classical department in Radio Nepal before Nepal became a republic, which was terminated and now classical musicians are unable to join Radio Nepal due to their poor thinking. I am well known in India and here too I want to reach out to those who love classical music.


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