Published On: April 16, 2019 08:03 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Modeling: Five common myths in Nepal (with video)

Globally modeling is consideredto be one of the biggest and successful industries. People aspire and dream to be a part of it. However, the Nepali modelling industry is still in its developing phase and has been a hot topic of gossips. There are different myths associated with modeling,creating confusion among new comers.

Fashion choreographer, RojinShakya talked about five such myths associated with the modeling industry,which are listed below:

1. Skin revealing dresses are better:

People mostly believe that short and skin revealing dresses enhance the look, which is not true. The thing that actually helps you to enhance your career is your confidence.

2. Height is necessary:
 Though height is considered as one of the important factors in modeling, it’s not applicable on a whole-and-sole basis. If you have a good knowledge on modeling, then there are multiple fields where height can be dealt with- like print modeling and video modeling. Both have good scopes.

3. Qualifications are not required:

In Nepali modeling industry, there is a massive speculation that people don’t need proper qualification for modeling. This is not true at all. Both beauty and brain have equal roles in modeling. So it’s better to seek proper educationbefore enrolling to the industry.

4. Drinking, smoking and clubbing are necessary:

Some people do not get chance to participate in modeling shows just because their parents thinks that they will involve in some bad activities. But the truth is neither it is necessary for modeling nor they are groomed to do so. It’s totally their personal choice and there are numerous models who are not into these things.

5. Nepotism exists:

People think that nepotism exists in the Nepali modeling society, but professionals claim that there is no huge influence of nepotism in Nepali film industry. Shakya said, “There might be some cases. But we can’t simply rush to conclusions. We cannot say that because of them, deserving people are not getting their chances. There are a number of platforms promoting the involvement of deserving candidates.”

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