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Published On: July 25, 2018 07:44 AM NPT By: Saugat Bhattarai

Me and You

Me and You

My weirdness, your solemnity
Perhaps it’s just the way it is
Our faith, our love
Remember the day we met?
I was pretending as if I didn’t notice you,
And you were there trying to avoid solitude,
There was I, thinking may be my company would do,
haha, finally could  dare come by you,
Trying to hold my nerves, that timorous, ‘Hi’
And the first eyes meet, you surely haven’t forgotten it?
It did have a nice commencement?  
A solemn promise, you remember?
And see, yes, it has been kept, god knows 
It’s going to go on and on, till the last breathe
Just the way it has been, since we first met.
Guy, a complete crestfallen, would never be the same,
He’d never fear the eyes of disdain
For his anguish, would no longer would have to languish, 
For there’d always be a commiserate,
And always your puerile smile...
For rapturous applause would always be from you, my love
Promise me it’d be just the way it is forever...

me, you,

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