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Published On: December 26, 2018 12:18 PM NPT By: Saugat Bhattarai

Secret to Knowledge, Truth and Happiness

Secret to Knowledge, Truth and Happiness

In the middle of Kurukshetra, sits baffled Arjun on his chariot. With a mind- overwhelmed with deep sorrow, he casts asides his ‘Gandeev’ and arrows. His dejection is growing because of the fear of losing his friends and relatives in the course of an impending war and subsequent sins attached to such actions. Arjun’s saddened eyes are brimming with tears while he is overwhelmed by compassion. He requests Lord Krishna to help him dispel his lamentation and grief. Lord  Krishna, then,  states his rational philosophical concepts that have been relevant for ages .

Bhagawad Geeta is one of the most revered sacred books of the Hindus. It reveals path to the lost, provides clarity to confused and wisdom to humankind and contains answers of all possible questions.

Understanding of life, truth, and attaining intelligence, and happiness is something every human being desires for. To understand life, as mentioned in Bhagawad Geeta, one must understand their soul, the cause of life. The soul is indestructible, incombustible, insoluble and imperishable. The soul is eternal, immovable and primordial, imperceptible, inconceivable, and immutable. Soul never slays. 

A human being is a mere object of flesh and bones without consciousness. Attainment of consciousness starts from actions. The way actions are performed determines to what extent consciousness is attained. Every human being has to act but his actions must be without desires and free from the bondage of reactions. One has the right to prescribed activities but never at a time at their results. One should not be motivated by the results of actions, nor should there be any attachment in not doing the prescribed activities. One should perform activities giving up attachments and being open to both success and failure. One whose mind is unaffected by distress, without the desire of happiness, free from attachment, anger and fear attains individual consciousness and eventually succeeds in uniting with ultimate consciousness. 

A human being without knowledge is nothing. Therefore, its acquisition is something human beings aspire. But only few understand it and ultimately attain it. An ignorant is captivated by his senses. Sense enjoyments and worldly pleasures are never established by true knowledge. One who, without attachment in every aspect, neither rejoices nor curses obtaining corresponding good or evil; he is established in perfect knowledge. One who gives up all desires for the sense of gratification produced within the mind and becomes satisfied by the self in the pure state of soul, he is established in perfect knowledge.

Those who are captivated by their senses can never look within themselves and recognize their own soul. Their desires for worldly pleasures never let them concentrate on their minds, thus losing their consciousness.  For them, life becomes a maze where they keep wandering and remain miles away from knowledge, truth and happiness. But those who control their senses, recognize their souls, give up on petty desires and perform continuous actions without thinking of results attain intelligence, knowledge and ultimately happiness. One who doesn’t desire happiness but keeps performing actions without expecting results attains the ultimate happiness.

Bhattarai is a high school graduate from St Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

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