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Published On: February 3, 2020 02:40 PM NPT By: Rajeeb Shrestha

Me; a poet and Her; an insane lover

Me; a poet and Her; an insane lover

I am a poet, 
I'm an ordinary person
who loves the pen
Letters, words, stanzas and verses
Of course!
I'm in deep love 
with these letters, words, stanzas and verses.

I'm an emotional man
pondering in sentiments
and she is an insane lover
resemblance of 
fascinating Beauty. 
She loves a poet 
like me,
pretends of loving 
my poesy in vanity!
though she's a know-nothing 
about verse, 
she fabricates the fake
of being in love 
with my poetry
and, me as well.

Her intimacy,
can be a proof 
of slaying my poetic psyche
How can my lover
kill my personality?

She doesn't understand 
these questions so trifled
In her deer-sight glance,
There's no significance
of my thrifty passions,
and thus,
There's no compatibility
of my words
with the fragrance
of luxurious perfumes
that evaporates
 from her body.

There's no doubt
that she loves me truly!
love is a madness
and composing verses
is equally a madness too!!!


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