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Published On: July 18, 2017 09:51 AM NPT By: Nagendra Upadhyaya

Master plan to make Bheriganga smart and green

Master plan to make Bheriganga smart and green


  • Green town for Smart city
  • One ward, one park
  • Allowance for volunteers of women’s health, visually impaired and people above the age of 75
  • Bank account for every girl child immediately after birth
  • ‘Ujjyalo Nagar’ program

SURKHET: The budget as well as program for developing Bheriganga Municipality into a smart city has been made public. The goal for the current fiscal year is to turn the municipality into a green city and rich in physical infrastructure.  

From the total budget of around Rs 394.5 39 million, the municipality has separated around Rs 10 million for the development of local tourism. “It is vital for Bheriganga to first acquire the green city status before being made a smart one,” said Bhupendra Bahadur Chand, municipality chair of Bheriganga, adding, “We have distributed the budget in accordance with the plan of turning Bheriganga into a smart city.”

“We are planning on building a park in each ward of the municipality. The main objective behind this move is to make Bheriganga a touristic city,” he said.

On the occasion, Renu Acharya, deputy chair of the municipality, unveiled plans to develop road beds, tourist spots and agriculture sector, among others, in the city. Stating that the city could be developed only when the local residents are financially and socially sound, Renu said, “The plan to make the city smart and green is directly related to the citizens’ everyday life. The foundation for every smart city starts with agriculture, road, tourism and social development.”

Renu informed that the municipality had also segregated budget for a master plan. “The entrance on area number six is one of the reasons why Bheriganga is considered a visit worthy and notable place. To fulfill our dreams and the citizens’ wishes, we will expedite all processes so that the project is completed within a year or so,” she said.

Moreover, the municipality has also decided to give allowances to the volunteers of women’s health, visually impaired and people above the age of 75.

Likewise, the municipality will open a bank account with Rs 1,000 for every girl child as soon as they are born. “This idea is introduced to change people’s perception toward girl child, said Renu.

Solar lights will be installed along the roads to make the city ‘Ujjyalo Nagar’ (bright city). “The first step is to install solar lights in the market, school and health post areas,” she said.

Similarly, as per the green city plan, the municipality has come up with the idea of ‘one house, two plants’. “Every household will be asked to plant at least two trees, and look after the trees,” said Renu.

For farmers, cold stores will be opened with the support of various saving and co-operatives and union organizations. Women farmers’ organization, modernization of agriculture, educational development, occupational agriculture, animal husbandry, development of targeted areas, public-private partnerships are being prioritized under the program.

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