Published On: January 31, 2021 05:41 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Makkuse: A local luxury brand with authentic Nepali taste


A variety of chocolates and pastries are seen flooding our market though we have our own array of authentic sweets having unique taste and are produced locally.

Among them are Gundpak and Pustakaris, which are considered favorite sweets and are our own culinary tradition. In the context of promoting the unforgettable taste of these sweets, former Miss Nepal, Anushka Shrestha took herself out of her comfort zone and introduced Makkuse — the Nepali dessert brand. 

Makkuse products include Pushtakari, Rosewater-pistachio gundpak, Mocha Gundpak, Chocolate-Gundpak, Fudge Cookies and Oats Gundpak Pumpkin Seed Cookies with the price range where cookies start at Rs 120 a piece, Gundpak/Pustakaris Rs 649 and the ultimate luxury gift box up to 4499 .

She accepted the challenge to be an entrepreneur even during the time of pandemic. According to Anushka, Co-founder/CEO, Makkuse, it aims to promote authentic Nepali taste to the global culinary palette with a hint of innovation in authentic flavor.   

Talking about the name of the brand, she shares, “Makkuse means really tasty or let’s say beyond good taste in the Newa community.” 

You can follow their FB: and IG: for order and quieries and also has home delivery to major cities in Nepal.  And here, she talks about her journey as an entrepreneur:

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