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Published On: July 17, 2018 10:40 AM NPT By: Vardhan Chhetri

Living with fear

Living with fear

What is fear? I ask, is fear a stimulus of our body? Fear stimulates our brain to initiate an action. But, fear is associated with the mentality of a person and cannot be generalized. Rather, it should be individualized. Every individual carries a different perception, with varying mental status leading to a contrasting definition of fear from one person to another. 

Fear can cause mental and physical distress. It can lead to sleeplessness or restlessness -- all causing the mental health to deteriorate. The reason for fear is associated with ambitious dreams, passion, and aim people have in life. It is nothing but obvious that fear prevails in the lives of everyone. There can’t be any person living without any kind of worry or fear. The level of fear and its scale may be different; it can vary from a cockroach to fear of death. 

It is not that creatures of nature are fearless. There also carry a certain degree of fear. For example, frogs fear being eaten by snakes, snakes by eagles, and the circle continues in a similar manner. However, the scale of fear in humans has exceeded its limit. It’s only humans that are to blame. Fear in humans varies from one person to another.

Fear plays a vital role in day to day life. It is also responsible for the scientific inventions made to date. This fear drives human to development as well as the path of hell on earth. Due to the fear of being poor and dominant, people get involved in crimes. More importantly, the greatest fear of mankind -- death -- has led to the discovery of modern medical equipment. It has also created hatred, jealousy, and crimes. 

Today, every person fears being lagged behind and is busy in machinery or robotic life. This fear has also led to the loss of faith in humanity. So, the genuine fear should only be felt by people and lose these unwanted or meaningless fears to make this planet better than it currently is.

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