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Published On: August 26, 2018 11:54 AM NPT By: Vardhan Chhetri

Social media fever

Social media fever

The 21st century is the era of technological innovations and social media. Social media, as a result of the ongoing tech-upgrades, has captivated the whole world. For most, Social media has come in as the most reliable companion as it provides interaction and idea sharing platforms from the touch of the fingers. 

Social media created a global bond – connecting 7.66 billion people together. People receive regular updates, from all around the globe, within a few moments of their occurrence. It ensures that the world does not lag behind in terms of information. Moreover, it has also broadened the concept of racial identity. Additionally, social media has also established itself as a platform for people to earn and gain fame by sharing their concepts, ideas, and creativity via various video, and photo sharing media. 

Though social media has contributed to connecting the globe, accusations of it depleting family bond can’t be overseen. Over obsession, resulting in social media addiction is a major problem in recent times. People spend several hours with eyes glued to a screen. 

All that matters, to the large populace of social media users, is the likes and shares that their content generates. Thus, the excitement for a photo, video or even a mere status has hampered the meaning of life. There have been instances when people take advantages of social media to promote nudity, drugs, or crime. Though there are mediums of filtering these content, it can negatively affect those who view such posts.   

Also, social media has developed into a matchmaking platform. People fall in love without meeting one another, just by chatting on social media; some even get married. The influence of social media is so strong that even people well beyond their 60s have profiles on them. Though social media is a creation of humans, it has somewhat taken over our minds. 

Though there are numerous advantages that can be taken by humans,  but the craze of social media has made people lethargic.  If it continues to influence us in negative ways, the end of humanity is evident. So, it’s important that people understand their responsibilities, and duties beyond the realm of social media.

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