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Published On: August 2, 2020 12:33 PM NPT By: Manish Lamichhane

Let's sing a life

Let's sing a life

Drowned is the heart in the seas of pain
It doesn't want to see me 
It wants me to feel the death 
But isn't it
We wake up from the death everyday
With the lost memories and lost what we were
Don't give me the reason to live 
And not to live; 
I shall whisper in your ears 
"My darling! It's okay to die
Someday, you shall not wake up 
And you shall fly in the sky 
Come here, let's sing together 
And let's sing a life.

Sullen has the life turned into 
Broken is the heart,
Nadir came to show me the life
Which I have lived one
But why shall I feel gloomy all the time,
Some other morning
And I shall be back on the zenith
And I shall find,
There's nothing between these atrocious nights
So it is better to smile than to cry 
It is better to sing than to run dry
So let me sing a memory
Let me sing a life.

Under the dark sky 
In the storm and the downpour
I stand alone
With the heavy heart and the sad soul
But I shall walk again
Walk in the midst of the darkness
And enjoy every tickle of the rain
And deride every mist of the pain
There shall be rays of light in every darkness
And colours of joy in every steps
Don't bother to worry the non-existence
So, let's sing a memory
Let's sing a life.



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