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Published On: July 17, 2019 11:30 AM NPT By: Manish Lamichhane

Dying Sergeant Writes

Dying Sergeant Writes

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I’m sorry to say that I am not sure what I’m writing. I suppose it’s a story that’s close enough to be read by you and felt by you, just you. The beauty that cannot be seen, that cannot be heard, that cannot be smelt; it can be felt. When you feel this beauty then you’ll see it, you’ll hear it, you’ll smell it, you’ll taste it and finally, you’ll live it. Yes, I have felt such beauty, the beauty that embellishes my heart every time I think about it. But temporary is the glittering of the overcast sky, lightning and thundering terrorizing everything; pity in the sky with the drops of tears it cries.

My heart wanders in the woods; beautiful are these trees around, and gay as the music swirls with the birds chirping. But oblivious I am, as my heart is searching for you. Oh, where is the path? It feels like I am lost in the dreary desert without you around. But hope grows like the spring buds of the trees, as the wind swirls through me. Lightning and thunder are there, standing like the barricades between you and me. Hopefully, I’m not lost, but I’m a bit afraid, for lost is the direction, not the wind itself.

The sparkling of the stars has diminished. Oh! Such emptiness is in my mind, such gloom is in my heart.  It feels like I have nothing to feel when the battle within is killing me, oh, where they have swept me into? The gun in my hands behaves as if I have nothing to lose. They say they are fighting for change but what change they will get when they stab the world of love? I bet you, my love, the change they see will make these beautiful stars fall.

How gloomy the sky is. It wails as my heart does. Oh! The beautiful yet sad song has been sung by two cries,
“O Lord, I have lost my world,
The world where I sang the thousand songs of love,
O Lord, I have lost my world. “

The sad song it is, the breeze will drift through your heart,
Oh my love, such a beautiful love song you have covert.
The heart is mine, pounding aloud,
Oh! Dear don’t come so near, it will burst out of fear;
Oh! Dear don’t be so far it will lose its own presence.
Near you can’t come it’s me who should come, far you are not it’s me,
Ah! How much better the world would be if only the words of love would flourish instead of the flames of the inferno gulping the whole sky.

Direction, the wind has lost; outcast is the beautiful flower by the spring of mind, but the color of joy it has lost, the moon shines in the sky but light it has lost, Oh! My love, kindle the light on my path; the path I will follow that leads me to the desire of my own trust.

And the wind blows through me between my heart and my mind, where you had stood with me with eyes to eyes, to live to feel; and rip me apart. Oh! My love, look at me I am now lost, lost in this gloomy sky with the clouds and the stars; only the beauty of you, I feel, only the thousands of smile, I see Oh! My love, Look at me, you’ll not see anything but only feel and only feel. Last love song I may be singing for you, don’t miss any of these words, each word weighs heavier full of my love; I will die and I will be gone, but don’t you worry I dwell in your heart as love, I will be there as long as you are there. Oh dear! With the head held high, say to mother, her son sang a beautiful song, the song of love, not the war; this is what I could give as a Dying son.




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