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Published On: July 25, 2021 01:17 PM NPT By: Sauravi Regmi

Lanes of shadows

Lanes of shadows

Passing through lanes of shadows
There, my dreams wipe my mind
As I set expectations for accomplishments,
I see the city fighting and see the reflections of fulfillment,
In the paradox of achievements.

The strugglers talk about
The hardships of committing,
The hardships of uncommonness.

The stagnant finds its way cracking these adversities into a life 
That makes hard workers gamble for satisfaction, face sufferings
That doesn't let them easily pass through hassles, the difficulties that deviate you from success.

If I was given an option,
I wouldn't choose that life.
Rather, I would aspire for a life
That makes me ponder for my being.

Me a survivor
would wander around this city 
Carrying millions of hope and wait for unforgettable moments
I would pursue the beauty of mysterious life
I would live in the reflection of my outcomes.

I would make every attempt
and get nearer to my ambition.

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