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Published On: July 11, 2021 02:35 PM NPT By: Sauravi Regmi

Kiss me in the rain

Kiss me in the rain

Kiss me in the rain with your wet lips.
Make a mark on my body with your bite.
Take me to the sun and sit beside me until the wound dry.

Dance with me in the sun
When I start feeling better.
Kiss my forehead with sympathy.
Place your hands around my body.
Make me yours for a moment and
Then share your thoughts with me
About rain and sunshine.
Sing a love song with me.
I will listen until you get tired.

I will stand near you and
Pull you closer to me.
I will tell you, my love, to
Place your hands on my chest and hear the Ringing bells of my heartbeat
About the start of our love.

I will scream for us.
and hold an umbrella to cover our heads.
I will invite storm and sunshine
To give us reason to dance
Holding each other close.

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