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Published On: June 6, 2022 03:06 PM NPT By: Rajeeb Shrestha

Jammed Karma

Jammed Karma

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Not a big deal,

Whether we believe in self or non-self,

It’s action,

That leads us to  interaction,

And interaction creates reaction.


Mankind seems to be in confusion,

Of their life’s illusion,

Making dramas all the ways, 

Every time nowadays.


Lord Krishna says;

“Action itself is sanction,

Thereof not the fruits which is futile”

Again, Lord Buddha says;

“If we focus on hurt, 

We’d suffer more, 

If we focus on lesson,

We’d grow deeper”


There are always



War/racial bar,

Frustration/ depression,

And what not,

Life is full of tumult.



If we’re the owners,

Of our actions,

Then at least,

Let’s not be the keeper,

Of love and affection,

But, let’s be a giver!


We will be lingering,

In stationed Karma !!!


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