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Published On: August 1, 2022 02:30 PM NPT By: Manawi Shah

It's National Girlfriends day, here are five gifts you can buy!

It's National Girlfriends day, here are five gifts you can buy!

Today is National Girlfriends day, and you are stuck because it's last-minute to think  about a gift and you don't have any ideas in mind! Here are a few, quick and easy items you can get for your girlfriend today. 

A simple one, flowers.

This is an effortless, yet meaningful thing to get for your girlfriend, a bouquet. Add her favourite colour flowers if you don't know her favourite, and put a small handwritten note saying something special. You can find them anywhere! 


Get her earrings, there are so many types that can be good for your girlfriend's liking. Perhaps dangling butterfly ones, hoop earrings, a set or studs? There are many choices in choosing something that she'd love.


Body lotion that smells good, and hand cream is a great gift for your girlfriend. But, make sure to smell the scent because we don't want anything you wouldn't like either. 

Cute fluffy sandals

Your girlfriend, depending on what she likes, may adore this. Fluffy sandals with bunny ears, something that is adorable is what she'd love!  There are lots you can find in stores, such as miniso, yoyoso!


Try getting her scrunchies, or room decor like scented candles. Perhaps a photo frame, or a pin with a cute animal on it? Tote bags, art pieces are the way to go. 


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