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Published On: September 2, 2019 09:35 AM NPT By: Rajeeb Shrestha

Is it love?

Is it love?

Photo Courtesy: pixabay

you fly to a distant horizon

leaving me all alone

from time to time!

parting me a melancholy chime!!


fly, fly, fly

fly a free bird babe!

deserting me with

cry, cry, cry

a cry-wolf birched rave!!


when you go away

lnto a far-long bay

I live lonely

with a gleam of ray

reflecting upon our love!

by residing in an alcove!!


your smooth touches,

your silky hair that mooches,

a glittering hand in a crouch


your harsh words

and sarcastic laughs

but, I remain silent

'cause there's no trickery I could invent


I miss all those sweet tantrums of your presence

'cause they are my precious treasure-troves

of living in your absence.

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