Published On: September 6, 2017 09:13 AM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Infinity in Cosmic Shades

Infinity in Cosmic Shades

KATHMANDU, Sept 6: A solo painting exhibition ‘Cosmic Shades’ by Sushila Singh is being showcased at Aaju Art Gallery in Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg from Sunday. This is Sushila’s second solo painting exhibition where she has created 32 paintings using pen and ink on paper.

Being a local of the Kathmandu Valley, her artworks are clearly inspired by the rich cultural heritages of the capital city. She has used black ink on white paper and drawn temple architectures, tundal, torana, door frames, statues and idols of gods and goddesses, among others. She has successfully captured the details of their design and molded them in her own way. Her creations are also edgy as she has not given a definite ending to the structures, supporting infinity in her drawings.

The exhibition is called ‘Cosmic Shades’ as the artworks are a representation of an infinite universe whereas the cultural heritages symbolize the almighty, according to Sushila. 

In one of her paintings, she has created an ornamented elephant. She has used the hatching technique to create the effects of light and shade. The piece of art is so realistic that looks like the elephant will jump right out of the frame.

About the use of pen and ink she informed, “I was always attracted with the colors black and white. With the pen and ink technique, I can draw as many lines as I want. Even this identifies the infinity. Moreover, my works are also inspired by my art teacher Baburaj Byola, who specializes in charcoal technique.”

Though Sushila used to be a management student, her interest in art made her change course. She started taking art classes as a hobby in 2005 with Baburaj. Currently, Sushila has completed her Master’s in Fine Arts from Tribhuvan University. 

Talking about her journey as an artist she expressed, “I got the opportunity to showcase my talent with the support of my family and friends. Without them it would not have been possible for me.” Thirty-five-year-old Sushila is also a mother of two. “Being a mother demands most of my time and attention. So, I usually start my day from 4:30 am to work on my art. I believe that a supportive family makes all the difference.”

Sushila believes that art is all about happiness and there is art everywhere. She shared, “I feel that art lies everywhere in day-to-day life. Cooking is also an art where you have to balance the ingredients to create a tasty dish. Art for me means happiness and it gives me peace.” 

The exhibit is slated to continue till September 10.

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