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Published On: April 26, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Diwakar Sapkota

If I were a bird

If I were a bird

If I were a bird

I would waft with the air

To smell the scent of springs

Fly high through a blanket of mist

And high above the clouds

Leaving the Mountains beneath

Stretches my eyes to see

How wide is the sky?

Be seated in the Mountain cliff

Wing down spinning to the ground

Meander through deep in the forest

With the trees in a different hue

Flip through the hanging branches

Sing to fill the atmosphere

Dance with shimmering feathers

Shaking the small branches

I would run faster than the river

Soar just above the ocean

See my reflections in the water

See sun sinking in the ocean at dusk

Hover above the surface with a brief touch

And, in the night hides in trees with mosses.

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