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Published On: May 13, 2019 09:00 AM NPT By: Diwakar Sapkota

A sold Tree

A sold Tree

Suffering each frost and intense sunrise

With rugged , limply body

Counting on the last days of her life

A dying Tree, stands with her cries


No leaf to dance and browse

The bird, once knot her hair has left

Oh, I look gloomy with no green

Lost my hand to shade, she grouse


She has sicken before growing old

Her friends were chopped infront , she alludes

Screeches when remembers her trampled children

To burn down to firewood she has just been sold


Transpiring hearts beats no more fast

Children hate to swing up

No more futile to bear fruit

Looks at menacing people with aghast


Do her cutting allows us to thrive?

With no water to drain crops, air to inhale

Because degrading her, destroys ourselves

Still she is taking her last breathe to make us alive.

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