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Published On: May 2, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Diwakar Sapkota

Perpetuity of Beauty

Perpetuity of Beauty

With the blessings of beauty

Earth, the canvas emblazes,

The streams lows plunging

And the creek in forest burbles,

With the rays through tree crown

The water drops in leaves glares,

Of the clouds to the sky

Hides the Himalayas with shades,

With clouds burns to red in the dawn

And between the hills sun peeks,

On growing between the rocks

The lichens in forest smiles,

With the rain caress the earth

The drained mud pleasantly smells,

Ambling with the sound of leaves

And amid the tree shadows heart calms,

Through the mosaic of forests

The water in the river glitters,

The beauty of birds adorns the forest

Echoes of its songs in wood hear,

But the thoughts of humans are  dearth

We haven't learned to love things with heart.

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