Published On: July 31, 2022 03:30 PM NPT By: Manawi Shah

Five things to keep in mind before going into the interviews

Five things to keep in mind before going into the interviews

Are you about to head to an interview? Are you nervous, unprepared? Is this your first time and you're panicking a little because you're scared of messing up? Here are five things that you can keep in mind before going into an interview, or while preparing it for you to have a smoother approach. Good luck!

Be emotionally prepared

Many candidates are anxious before going into an interview, afraid of what is going to be asked or if they blurt out the wrong things. Being prepared mentally, and emotionally allows you to stay calm before the interview and not to overthink about questions and such situations. 

Avoid, drinks, smoking

We don't want you to be smelling of a certain odour, because interviews are quite professional. Additionally, it's better to avoid such items the day before, so you don't feel agitated in the situation or hung over from the night before. 

Be physically prepared 

Your appearance matters a lot when it comes to interviews. Wearing decent, formal clothes is important so you can show and tell the interviewer that you are serious about the company/job you are applying for. Being attentive towards your appearance, as small as brushing your hair can be vital. 


Look at yourself in the mirror, ask your friends to help you as though you are being interviewed. That way, you'll feel more confident, and are prepared for the things that the interviewer may ask you. Practising helps you give an insight on how the interview will be like. 

Research and Knowledge

Knowing about the company/job you're applying to, and knowing the reason why you want to work three specifically is important. Knowing the company's facts allows you to be more confident, therefore having an easier time to give answers and be able to communicate. 

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