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Experiencing Tamang culture in Bishnupaduka Homestay

Experiencing Tamang culture in Bishnupaduka Homestay

Photos: Rohit Rai/Republica

Travelling to new places and experiencing the local culture can shift your perspective. Moreover, you can gain a sense of rejuvenation as well. And if you are the one looking for getting out from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, how about going Dharan and stay at the newly formed homestay at Bishnupaduka Homestay, Dharan.

Situated at Sub-metropolitan city ward 20 in Maanedada, Bishnupaduka, here one can enjoy the natural beauty and rich culture of Tamang community. A total of nine local houses are offering homestay with a capacity to host 35 people at a time. The homestay is under the management of Kokaha Krishi Samudayak Homestay and is managed by local women.

According to the secretary of Kokaha Krishi Samudayak Homestay, Laxmi Tamang the guest can enjoy local organic food in reasonable price where dhedo and chicken curry costs Rs 250. Then, it costs Rs 200 per bed for a night and for plain food Rs 150 only.

Majority of people living in Maanedada Gaun are from Tamang community. That's why guests can observe their culture and lifestyle closely staying in the homestay. And as the guests reach here, they entertain their guests with cultural song and dance performances. Some interesting places that you can travel around are Bishnupaduka temple, Chinde Dada, Gorkha Smriti Park and more.

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