Published On: September 14, 2022 03:00 PM NPT By: Samiksha Shrestha

Everest Film Academy presents play titled 'Tantra'

Everest Film Academy presents play titled 'Tantra'


A play titled 'Tantra' written and directed by Bholaraj Sapkota is being presented by Everest Film Academy's acting students at Kunja Theatre, Thapagaun, Kathmandu. The play is being presented from September 5 and will be carried on until September 24 at 5:30 pm except on Monday. Moreover, the play's extra performance is shown on Saturday at 1 pm and 5pm.

The play 'Tantra' mainly covers two aspects i.e folk culture and politics. As people are forgetting their own original cultures and embracing Western culture, our true  identity is disappearing. So, the play brings the Asare Bhaka and Khaijadi Bhajan, which echo in the villages.

The play shows the Asare Bhaka sung in a field when the paddy is planted and the worship of Satyanarayan as well as the Khaijadi Bhajan sung at night in the auspicious ritual, so that the new generation will have an opportunity to understand, know and learn about the importance of abandoned culture and identity.

In addition to that, the play has presented about the so-called present leaders who leave no stone unturned to fulfill their selfishness and tries to show the consequences and suppression that the general public have to face by supporting those leaders. The play revolves around the socio-political affair focusing on the question that the country has gone through many political phases from monarchy (Rajtantra) to loktantra (democracy) and many changes have taken place. But what did the people get? There have been several rules from the past to present, yet,where are the common people?

Laxman KC, one of the actors who portrays the character Dhan Bahadur in the play said, "The play portrays how the political party ruins the harmonious relationship of the villagers for the sake of their own good." Talking about his character, KC said, “My character is the one who gets along with everyone, is friendly and the one who realizes the incident which has been caused by the politicians and creates awareness among the people."

KC added, the play is based on a social incident. All the characters in the play have depicted each and every person/villagers that consists in the family and real village environment to the audience, including Dhan Bahadur, son of Dhan Bahadur, Man Bahadur and his daughter, youths, brother (elder and younger), sister-in-law, friends, tea shop owner, leaders, and farmers. KC stated, "I believe that this play will touch the heart of the audience."

The actors in the play includes Deepak Koirala, Santosh Bista, Suman Thapa, Sonika Shahi Thakuri, Laxman KC, Maria Karki, Gopal Mahatra, Romarsh Rai Thakuri, Yugesh Khatiwada, and Lekhnath BK.


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