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Published On: March 19, 2021 02:27 PM NPT By: Sushant Thapa



Some of my poems are wordless

and do not make a human out of it.

I find it extremely difficult to feel like other humans

Perhaps I have only learnt to be like a human and not feel like one. 

To feel the empathy is priceless and to feel your pain

my pen carries a heavy heart.

Your blue grief, I cannot let them turn black

into grey ashes and white oblivion.

A wooden heart is a theme for my work

Call my name

Speak to me

I will bear the burden of emptiness

If there is a little empathy left in me.

When there are news of accidents and when

ambulances rush in the crowded ways  

When houses in the streets are burning

and I could only hear the fire truck’s siren and do nothing

May be there is an empathy left in me

But I could not help the beggars in the streets

except giving them few coins, fruits and paper notes.

When a dead bird is being buried in Auden’s poem

I think from my heart;

Where my poetic bird of empathy has landed?

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