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Published On: December 13, 2018 12:55 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Drawing Room KTM: Creating a learning platform

Drawing Room KTM: Creating a learning platform

KATHMANDU, Dec 13: Art has a unique power to attract anyone through its majestic splash of colors, designs and concepts. The scope of art is also enhancing.  But everyone cannot portray the things in head because of lack of proper guidance. Considering this problem, two fine arts graduates Sanjeev Maharjan and Sunita Maharjan establish an art studio and learning space. They named it ‘Drawing Room KTM’. It is a platform that helps art enthusiasts to hone their skills in paintings and drawing.

The venture offers different courses of arts including drawing, paintings, sculpture, 3d arts and sketching to people of different age group. The venture also runs different art camps during the vacations of schools and colleges, like winter vacation, and festive holidays. The camp comprises of different schemes such as art classes and workshops. This course is specially designed for beginners interested to learn the craft of drawing, painting and developing their art skills, which make holidays of students fruitful in different ways. 

The Khichapokahri-based venture officially started from January, 2013 with an aim to develop productive platform for enthusiast. Speaking about the inspiration behind the establishment of the venture, Co-Founder, Sanjeev Maharjan said, “After completing graduation we started working at different studios. This helped us gain experience in the field of arts. We then decided to do create a learning platform for new comers, which gave birth to the venture.” Now the endeavor has extended to Jawalakhel as well. The founders started their course by teaching a student in two rented rooms in Khichapokahri but now there are over 50 students who are attending art classes at Drawing Room KTM. People of different age groups are being benefited by the venture.

Maharjan said, “Children of the age of three are also taking classes in our studio. Likewise, different designing related professionals like architects, fashion designers and graphic designers visit our office to attend basic drawing course.” However, teaching methods used for children and adults are totally different. “We encourage children to be creative,” says Maharjan. Some of the main motives of the business are boosting children’s confidence and socio-emotional development through art education, encouraging parents to appreciate the value of art and engage their children in creative activities. 

Revealing the reason behind the name of the venture Maharjan said, “Drawing is the foundation of arts and one of the major subjects in the courses we offer. We started our journey with two rooms in Kathmandu. That’s why we came up with the name.” Initially the venture went through a lot of hardships. Making people aware about the existence of the venture and encouraging parents to admit their children was the main problem that the founders faced during their initial phase. Likewise, commencing business with inadequate investment and resources is the other problem that they faced. “After going through tough times and a lot of hindrances, we have become able to make good name among art lovers.  We are now planning to move to other districts as well.” 

The venture is planning to run sessions whereby their students get opportunity to interact with other professional artists. They are also looking forward to organizing art exhibition of children at a large scale.. 


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