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Khanal is a student of 10th grade at L.R.I School, Kalikasthan.

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Published On: August 29, 2018 10:45 AM NPT By: Anupa Khanal

Confused dreams

Confused dreams

“What’s your aim in life? What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

We all have come across this question several times, haven’t we? I still remember; it was the very first day of class one and I was asked the same question. I proudly replied that I wanted to be a doctor. The teacher again inquired why. Because every time, especially during auspicious occasions, I was showered with the blessings from elders to be a successful ‘doctor’ in the future, I recalled. So, for a small girl of six, this probably was the best possible reason for that orthodox reply. You can even ask other small children of the same age, and most of them will reply ‘doctor’. At a tender age, when we don’t even know how to spell these words, we are compelled dream about pursuing an indefinite career. 

So, in the fourth grade, I left the dream of being a doctor and dreamt about being a pilot. How cool would it be to fly high up in the sky? Exploring the globe surely seemed like fun. So, this is not the end and the ‘pilot dream’ did not stay for long. Soon I was fascinated by lawyers. How boldly they spoke and the way they defended their case intrigued me. My interest grew mainly due to the influence of movies. This didn’t work either.

These 14 years of my life have been full of experiences, and it has taught me to never stop dreaming. When you stop dreaming, you are unaware of your own capabilities. Moreover, I have not been able to find my true dream yet. I know there will surely come a day when I will discover it, and I will surely pursue it. So, these different aims have taught me to think vastly and discover myself. I have realized that one should not dither to chase their passion. At the end of the day, I am happy that I am in the process of finding my true dream.


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