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Khanal is a student of 10th grade at L.R.I School, Kalikasthan.

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Published On: May 19, 2018 10:04 AM NPT By: Anupa Khanal

Test anxiety

Test anxiety

From Pascal’s laws to the Nebular hypothesis I had learnt and memorized all for my soon-to-begin test. As I entered the threshold of the exam hall it was quite silent because I had probably entered the hall late. I soon took my seat and our teacher started distributing question papers. I took a quick glance at it and started answering. 

I did all the subjective questions first and now come the numerical. I started solving it but wait there’s more to go. While I was solving them, I got stuck on the very first one and became oblivious to each second passing by. So, I tried, again and again, hoping that I could do but I could not.

“Five minutes more, please arrange your papers!”

These words struck my ears. I looked at my papers and there were almost four questions left. My hands started sweating. I could hear my adrenaline rush and I looked around to see what were my friends doing. They had already started to leave the hall. I hastily read the questions and solved them without any smidgen of hint what was I really doing. The teacher started collecting papers and in no time she was at my desk asking me for mine.
“Miss Khanal, give me your paper or else….” She yelled. I could see her face distorted with rage.

I handed her the paper and slowly walked out of the hall. For all the years, this test was the worst test I had ever given. But wait, there’s something good in everything, right?
I could not score nice grades in this particular subject. Nevertheless, this day taught me how to cope up with the major problem in students- test anxiety. Maybe most of the students out there can relate their experiences to mine. Be it the pressure of getting high grades from parents or low confidence in ourselves, there are myriads of reasons why we students tend to scoreless. Test anxiety can be simply understood as nervousness or a fear of failure that occur to the students during exams. There are lots of things to mitigate it. 

First of all, confidence is the key to your success. Confidence with proper preparation provides you with the best results. So, make sure you are ready for it. Try using mnemonics to memorize and I will guarantee you that you will feel lot easier and the learning becomes faster.

Be calm while writing answers. Start with the questions which you know. This helps boost up your confidence and you can do your paper well. So, these were the few tips that I wanted to share with you all. Hope it works for you as well.


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