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Published On: March 20, 2019 04:48 PM NPT By: Pooja Chauhan

But you won't

But you won't

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Last one year was horrendous for us; it felt like walking on pieces of broken glasses

Putting behind everything and us u flew high in your sky with those Icarus wings

 While I waited for you to find a way back to me

Hoping I will receive you with open arms

Perhaps, I dreamt too much but you didn't care


Despite being surrounded by a bunch of people you chose over me

You would often complain about having no one to count on

I followed you like a shadow but not even once, you looked behind

Those words pierced through my heart and brought tears to my eyes

I would often cry, but u wouldn't see


A reflection in the window, that's how I saw you the last time

We stood right in front of each other but not once we dared to look into each other's eyes

No bitterness, no grudges but still tight-lipped, what a huge ego

Only I know how hard it was for me to muster the strength to let you go

That goodbye hug would have broken me, but I knew u won't


I have cried a river for you, but that day I didn't, not even once

Because what we had over the year was toxic and it had to end for our good

Those never-ending discussions and head-turning laughter's under the stars had gone too long

That crackling bond and envious sisterly bond had gone too

Things could have been better but I knew you won't try


Now that you are gone, my days are painless and nights less haunting

I have stopped bringing your name in a middle of an irrelevant conversation

Jealousy, awkward faces, fake smiles, they don’t exist anymore

I walk with my head held high with no fear of bumping into you

I have become me, once again but you won't see


Now that you are gone, once ignored friends are being loved by me

 My nasty humor and silly talks have made a comeback but for others

Finally, my favorite blue scarf hides no more inside my bag

I wear it with love, but you won't see, you will never know that I still remember you

It does not matter because you won't care anyway

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