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Published On: February 3, 2019 07:00 AM NPT By: Pooja Chauhan

Why one should not buy groupism

Why one should not buy groupism

As energy is contagious, it is always wise to be around people who inspire you and are respected not just for their age or for the amount of money they earn. What is the point in being with people who you know are there in your life for their selfish motives? I don't understand why some people won't stop spending their hard-earned money feeding some leeches who find one other way out to suck others.


If it's the fear of being isolated then I suggest them to start enjoying their own company. It's not like you won't have your friends but it's about not feeling lonely even when they are not around you. Trust me, you will have the peace of mind you always wanted. Yeah, there won't be regular tea invitations or momo parties but at least you won't have to spend your time in some cafe hearing shit you don't even understand. Neither you will have to know the reasons why some people meet or spend so much time together especially when you don't even know them or least interested knowing about. Not every boy or girls who get along well are couple in your head, not everyone who is having serious conversation are planning to quit their jobs or bitching about their colleagues.


Not everyone who admire their seniors share some political ideologies doesn't matter if the person barely understands it. There won't be any fear of being left out even if you don't have a penny in your pocket. There will be no one to continuously remind you when you last offered them treat indirectly telling you it's time to empty your pockets again.


You won't have to raise your eyebrows every time you see your new friends changing colors like chameleons wondering how? You may spend the whole day laughing but what about those nights when you turn off the lights and break into tears as there will be no one to see you weeping.


As we live in a society where the one who refuses to drink or smoke with their peers is innocent or dumb as some would say. There are very people who actually understand how wise they are. It's not about being the only but about making wrong or right choices. You should never worry about your circle decreasing in size because the best ones will always stay. Once you will stop surrounding yourself with the bunch of hypocrites you will be able to see the world through your own glasses. You will be determined enough to see right in their wrongs.


There will be less negativity, politics, judgments and brainwashing. You will have a peaceful mind which keeps telling you to follow your passion not people. They may try to knock you down and make you feel isolated but after series of futile efforts will realize that not all those who are alone are lonely. If you get yourself out of this crap you will have more time for things which are actually important like your work.

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