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The author is a BBA graduate in Marketing from Kathmandu College of Management and a former Marketing Manager for MIC Youths.

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Published On: August 6, 2021 11:27 AM NPT By: Suravi Regmi

Bright out

Bright out

It's bright out

Outside my house, cheerful boys shout

When the morning will come at my doorstep

I will dream myself holding

A cup of latte

and make myself a wanderer

For outstanding scenery out the house.

It's morning now and I hear boys

Walking down the road

With snow on their hands

I see tiny fluffs of snow 

Making their bodies cold and

Moments of merry times they make

Rolling and gathering snow from the road.

For a playful reason, they make snowballs

and throw each other tiny ice balls 

and their cheeks freeze as the balls fall off.

They try to exchange happiness

By making hearts out of snowballs

And hurriedly snatch the moment 

With their moment cameras.

When the snowmelt they use their wet hands

To cover their shimmering faces

And feel a chilling cold freshening their faces.

They hold each other by arms

And keep shouting along roads beside farms

About the freshness of morning weather

That reinstalls them back to life.


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