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Lazzana Goverdhan is a grade 12 student at Uniglobe Secondary School and College, Kamaladi, Kathmandu

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Published On: December 8, 2019 03:26 PM NPT By: Lazzana Goverdhan

Breaking away

Breaking away

Letting few tears escape every night
I find myself immensely weak and weary
Unable to fight my demons, I lay there, frozen
Like a lifeless mannequin
When I'm at my weakest point; I know
You want to be there 
I want to speak.
But how should I explain being a coward;
Scared and scarred from my own thoughts
Being in constant battle; my head and my heart
Where the aftermath injures my consciousness 
A little more deeply
And when you feel like I'm changing;
Not being able to word my feelings;
Always choose better for yourself 
'cause you deserve better than a broken mess
And if you're worried, don't be
As being used to is breathing now
Just like the ocean I hold secrets deep below;
Too deep to dive in; come closer and you'll drown
Because sane ones don’t cage themselves; intentionally
So fly towards the sky; blue sky where you belong
And as for me I'll fly from forever prison, leaving broken pillars behind. 

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