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Lazzana Goverdhan is a grade 12 student at Uniglobe Secondary School and College, Kamaladi, Kathmandu

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Published On: November 29, 2019 06:52 PM NPT By: Lazzana Goverdhan

Blazing love

Blazing love

Photo Courtesy: hdwalls

Bitter taste of love forced down my throat

It hurts like thorns; hurts like never before

For it didn’t only pass my lungs

Blocking, suffocating, and more

Poisoned the veins and now hatred flows;

In naivety, I believed; the most prized possession,

Being mine was solely a possibility;

Then why does it feel more like eternal misery?

Now that it’s finally mine; feels as though burning hell

I thought it would be just like paradise; gravely wrong;

For affection isn’t ice to heal the burn nor it outshines immortal sun

Love is that gold tolerating thousand degrees of ignition; gently;

Gracefully, it waits as time goes by;

Comes out gleaming bedecked by immense faith and wisdom

That no combats could ever erase;

So let the blaze gulp you inside out

And if we burn, let’s burn in love.

Slammed, love, taste,

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