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Published On: November 26, 2021 03:03 PM NPT By: Jaya N Bhandari

Bird's love Journeys

Bird's love Journeys

Ducks and Ruff roaming onshore

But kingfisher was feeling bored.

Greenshank whistles to common sandpiper

Lapwing jumps over the sky to show her voice louder.

Plumbeous dance on rock

A wagtail teases to duck,

But duck damn care

And nothing interested to hear.

Seeking to meet his and her ex dear

Or meeting with newcomer

So made a flight of Miles's distance

How he craves to fill dream instances.

Speared love to all the ducks

Either mallard, ruddy shell ducks

The Avian way from the Siberian Ocean

Cranes and gooses from Mongolian terrene

Flew over the giant mountain shrines

Feel pleased after landing on reverie

Waders, ducks, Cranes, Goose, Teal, Garganeys

And so on tirelessly attempt the love journeys

Ducks, slammed, bird,

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