Published On: August 22, 2017 10:35 AM NPT By: Mushkaan Jain

Beauty and the Beast on canvas

Beauty and the Beast on canvas

KATHMANDU, August 22: Pagoda Institute of Fine Arts organized 'Beauty and the Beast: A Painting Exhibition 2017' with a total of 18 paintings by two of its students, Lisha Gaihre and Kishor Jyoti (Young Flame) at Nepal Art Council, Babermahal. 

The 'beauty' part is mostly covered by beautician cum artist Lisha, while Kishor has covered the 'beast' factor in the paintings. The paintings reflect the artists’ perspective on the beauties and beasts of today's world, revolving around nature. All paintings are acrylic on canvas.

The exhibition inaugurated in the graceful presence of W Swarnalatha Perera, ambassador of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Nepal. 

Lisha's work serves more to describe the role of women in human life, while Kishor's artworks replicate the limitations of human life. Lisha’s paintings are mostly titled using simple Nepali words like 'Vileen' (vanishing), 'Vyakul'(craving), and 'Swapnalok' (dream world), which fit the artworks perfectly.

She has used elements of nature to relate it to her part of the theme. Most of her paintings have elegant women floating with alluring objects like jellyfishes, different flowers, goldfishes or simply water. 

"As a beautician, I see beauty everywhere, and intend to make everything I can more eye pleasing. My paintings cover elegant women because I think they're one of the most naturally beautiful beings," Lisha said.

On the other hand, Kishor's paintings are related to how a man, in solitude, takes out the real beast in him. His works focus on the reality inside. He has included three self-portraits, while his other paintings can be seen in surrealistic forms. Subtle colors and earnest tones have given Kishor’s paintings a dream-like effect. One of his most fascinating paints must be 'The Hunter and The Hunted', and it is definitely the most expensive one. 

The paintings, revolving around 'nature' and comprising vast components, are definitely a treat for the eye. 

The exhibition commenced on Saturday and will continue till Wednesday. 

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