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Published On: May 31, 2019 11:15 AM NPT By: Sushant Thapa

Attaining Saintliness

Attaining Saintliness


Could we talk about a saint? What sort of clarification could I receive for my life? Has he known the world around me, any better? Does he stay in a different world and what separates us from the world which he lives in? Is it about our understanding of life; we develop consciousness and enslave with owning the things we care? The things that are too rigorous for him is always trivial and beyond the binary of forgiveness and reconciliation, the moments disappear or possessions are not worthy; those worldly things vanish. Clear images of the mind, the sensibilities that you can produce and reach the horizon and be close to the limit where one can reach appears to be true. The saint can be the grace of attaining a perpetual Mokshya or Salvation.

 What does attaining saintliness mean to you? Is it forgiving and to believe that all this creation is perishable and end for things that have come? Who does the reconciliation? Does such time exist? Is he so free from the binary? If a binary exists between the world and the things or being in it, can renunciation be the step for attaining something supreme? I don’t mean it to be religious or holy if such state could be considered for the capacity to fill that void or the event that centers on nothing resulting it to be “the eternity”. If one was to be smeared in ashes and buried in nature’s cave to create or develop a narrative out of it, it would be very distinct and the impact too stark and show pregnant with possibilities of creating a world. What is the literature that could give thought to saintliness and the various elements of it, to present the stark analysis of being, is to not be in a given situation. How can we tackle and get rid of all those questions that are bothersome? Every strand of time passes and ages change, a new era could be born with multiple forms of faith or belief and the results out of it could be used to attain that height of solitude and calmly engulf the phases of grief that accounts to be so true in every other side of life.

 Could there be a way to justify the saintliness regarding certain events in multiple strands of thoughts? Are events so visibly seen and the entry into another world considered too exact to be a definition for it? There is a second world of order for you and the entry to which is overly exaggerated and pulled further apart from a world that could perish any moment. How long is eternity? Was time measurable in its truest sense from time eternity? The question itself arises to become an answer and an unending sense of time is felt in the bones and all the miseries filled in the balancing act called life is the perpetual state of being, the moment of existence.

Is there any coincidental recurrence of events or do we actually feel that we are connected through communication and the strangers rule our life or are the subject of a talk to let us ponder into another world? The getting back to nature is a step that predates the present scenario. It’s like losing the things that you could hold on to. Getting to be in nature is itself a bliss and very fundamental essence of willing to change the scenario. To oppose is to create another world which is only filled with another being. When does time start to develop and play the part of partially shielding it from other events that we experience or are bound to experience? Is there a measure of certain events that follow the basic instincts of human needs and situation that are created around him or her? Any crude form of events could be a mode of existence. The saint may claim to know the sin and abstain from the worldly matter of it. If you renounce everything can you attain saintliness? Is it just the sin which you are absolving in Saintliness? The soul receives the idea of blatant purification. The shower of the absolving spirit is rained from the other world and the very idea of not living in the materiality of this world sets a demarcation. All of it lies in the expectation of a different world altogether. We can also say that it is for this world that the saint strives to live. But, he is in contemplation of mantras and another worldly belief at the same time. He lives a duality of life. For, him this is all ‘Maya Moha’, which roughly translates as perishable nature of the world around him/her.

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