Anjali Subedi

Published On: June 4, 2018 10:05 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

And I had to break your heart

And I had to break your heart

Though you opened the door and took me in
Though you chose for me the best flower from the garden
Though you placed your palms under my feet for me to tread on
Though it was a full moon night that graced your confession
Though you said it worth’s every single pain,
Though you said, I am the sweetest heart you’ve ever known
I was still shy, oh I was still shy
Sorry I never looked into your eyes
Sorry I never let in the light
Sorry your warmth did not transcend my soul
Sorry my heart was still very cold
It was not love I wanted anymore
It was not trust I was again looking for
I’ve seen lovers changing colors
I’ve seen things in utter disorder
Sorry, though you said it happens only once in a lifetime
Though you announced that you’ll always be mine
Though you took my hand in yours and moved a few steps
Though you said you wanted to do that till your last breath
Sorry, my heart could not caress the tenderness
Sorry I could not really comprehend
Sorry I was still very shy, oh i was still just very shy
It’s been long I buried my joys
It’s been long I buried my joys
It’s been long I’ve closed my eyes
It’s been long I fear the light..

had, break, your, heart,

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