Published On: December 2, 2018 12:25 PM NPT By: DHAN BASNET

Alluring Tourists to the Millennium Trekking Trail

Alluring Tourists to the  Millennium Trekking Trail

SYANGJA, Dec 2: It’s been almost two decades that the concept of Millennium Trekking Trail was introduced in Province 4. Commenced in 2000, the locals are constantly aiming to attract tourists. Targeting the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ program, locals of Tanahun and Syangja are planning to establish a resort. 

The trek begins from Dulegaunda, Tanahun and concludes in Syangja.  The trail is expanding to a 72 Kilometer distance. One can experience a variety of culture and lifestyles throughout the trail. Besides, trekkers can see the breathtaking mountain ranges and various religious shrines throughout the trek. Consequently, not only international tourists, local tourists are also traveling through the trail. 

Acknowledging the influx of tourist, the locals and businessmen are planning to operate four resorts in the trail. Lately, they are working on the preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the resorts.  Tourism entrepreneurs, local residents, Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) are investing to start the resort.  Moreover, the major planning of inducting the circuit to Pokhara is it’s in the last stage.

Preparing for four Resorts

According to Millennium Trekking Trail Management Committee, they have a plan to open four resorts in the 72 km long trail.  

The committee is planning to build a resort in an area of 14 Ropanis at Magarnash, Tanahun. Then, other resorts planned are subsequently of areas stretching to 10 Ropanis at Pelkachaur, Syangja, 30 Ropanies in Faparthum and 10 Ropanies in Sirsekot respectively. The name of the resort is ‘Holy Culture Resort’. 

“We aim to construct the resorts with expenses up to Rs 70 million.  We will build 12 to 15 rooms in the initial phase. We then shall add more rooms based on customer demands.” Harka Gurung, chief secretary of the committee said. 

“The concept of a resort is to create an environment for the NRN members to return back to their homeland: A benchmark for the tourism industry.  The committee has bought a land in Magarnash. Likewise, we are set to buy an entire community forest on lease. We are building the resort focusing on the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ program. We look forward to welcoming 50 thousand tourists that year,” Gurung added. 

Each resort will be built within a distance of 10 to 15 km.  Resort to be built in Pelkachaur is 1,715 meters above sea level. The other resorts at Sirsekot are 1,700 meters, Magarnash at 1,200 meters, Kaulma at 1,309 meters above sea level respectively. 

Hira KC, the owner of Sisne Rover Trekking, based on Lakeside, Pokhara believes that the projects will certainly allure the international tourists. 

First Practice 

Majority of startups in Nepal involve personal investments. But, this is a new entrepreneurial concept whereby locals are investing in Millennium Trekking Trail. 

 “We also set to make mandatory provision for locals to invest in projects which are rarely practiced in Nepal,” shared Gurung, secretary for the committee. Locals have been contributing either in cash or by giving land for building the resorts. If they cannot afford either way, they can also invest their time by volunteering for the project.  

Gurung added, “Initially, 40 percent of the investments will be made by the locals while other businessmen shall invest on the remaining 60 percent.”

The estimated cost to build four resorts is Rs 40 million. However, the cost will increase depending upon the time and situation. There are a total of 10 investors in the project. They are all locals currently living in Hong Kong, UK, Japan, Australia and other countries. 

Besides investment, the project will also encourage the locals in enhancing business through agriculture and animal husbandry. 

Arrangement of Homestay
International and local tourists are currently living in a homestay in Millennium Trekking Trail. There are 13 homestays in total. They offer packages for six nights and seven days trekking. Every homestay offers accommodation to 22 guests. They can stay witness various ethnic cultures.

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