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Published On: April 27, 2019 12:20 PM NPT By: Niraj Ghimire

A Lost Man

A Lost Man


I'm about to be break unlike past
Thought rumbles like dark clouds
Huge rain to come and wash me all
I held to a pillar which was to fall.

Gave up too much on things I had
Didn't wanted anything in return
Pour me with what you have
And me and you all to fulfill.

Decide whether to be predator
Or to be a prey on a lonely night
I might show a way with lights
Else you hold me and be my guide.

Attached to all; I may never ask
Some privacy to show my decency
Grant me a place I'm worth
Let me have you for all I sake.

I'm selfish to my needs and so are you
But there's a book to explore
With adventures of life and lessons
We can travel together till we depart.

Take your time to know this man
I leave no place for regrets
I stand in this rain, help me swim                                                                                                           If flood may drown me down.  

Lost-Man, slammed, readers,

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